Want To Stay Healthy? Stay Away From Drinking Soda At All Costs

Drinking SodaIf you are one of the health buffs who want to be sure of the items you buy inside the market, then the news that state a particular group wants FDA to ban caramel coloring sodas will definitely bring a positive feeling for you. Yes, you and other health concerned consumers are now provided a voice to share your thoughts on things that could be harmful to your health as well as to your children. You can stand up and make a firm decision, even if you will be battling big time companies that amass lots of cash from the products they sell in the market.

Let us go back to the main subject of this post – the caramel coloring in drinking sodas:

The use of the caramel flavoring and coloring to various brands of drinking soda has been a practice that is followed by several companies these days. In fact, soda drinks such as Pepsi cola and Coca Cola Company have been engaged in this practice for a long time. While these companies are raking much money from the addiction of their customers to their products, there are several health organizations that would like to ban the use of caramel coloring permanently. Although these groups are fully aware of the battle they are about to engaged with, they are not allowing their fears to stop them from doing what is right, especially if it concerned the health of their kids.

Drinking Soda1Why caramel coloring must be totally banned?

  • These substances have been proven as one of the causes of the serious illnesses such as cancer, heart strokes and diabetes.
  • A person who is addicted in this drinking soda has a great chance of suffering from Top Barobesity.
  • One is also likely to develop serious illnesses such as thyroid cancer, liver and lung disorder.

After realizing the negative effects of the caramel coloring to the different brands of drinking soda, this will help you guide your kids to maintain their good health.

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