The Effects Of Weight Loss In Relationships

Weight Loss In RelationshipsA recent study was conducted by researchers at UT and North Carolina State University. It was found out, based on this research, that weight loss could greatly affect relationships. They suggested that weight loss can bring about lack of intimacy and resentment. This usually comes about when the person who is trying to lose weight has a partner who resents the change in lifestyle.

It was mentioned by Lynsey Romo, that ideally, weight loss should trigger a much healthier relationship however; there were unexpected cases wherein the relationship was greatly affected. The research conducted involved 21 couples from different parts of the country. In less than two years, one partner lost at least 30 pounds. This weight loss was achieved using different methods such as diet, exercise and even medical treatments or procedures. Each member of these 21 couples shared their experiences regarding the state of their relationship.
The strain on the relationship was more evident in couples who only had one engaged in changing their lifestyle. However, if both of them do engage on this life changing experience then they exhibit a far better relationship characterized by improved communication and intimacy.

One expert also stated that couples with only one involved in weight loss, tend to argue on one question and that was why the other one does not want to change and follow what the other partner is doing. This is where the problem starts.

Weight Loss In Relationships1The partner of the person who is trying to lose weight tends to feel insecure and lesser feeling of intimacy towards the others. Why so? It’s because they are threatened by the increasing confidence and self-esteem of their partner. Another expert also said that if one person tries to lose weight, this effort is most commonly opposed by their partner.

What does this study show other than the effects of weight loss in relationship? It implies that if you want to pursue this and change not only your physical aspect but also improve your lifestyle, you have to make sure that you talk to your partner. Your partner must also give all the support that you need. Your partner plays a vital role in the entire process of losing weight. They are your source of inspiration and encouragement.

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