Hungry People And Food Words: What’s The Relations?

Hungry PeopleAre you intrigued on why hungry people focus on food words and how this practice affects them? In case you are not sure if you are one of these people, then you should try answering the following question. Among these words, boat, ball, car, and apple, which of them is usually inside your mind? If your answer is the last choices which is the apple, then this answer does not come from your mind but instead, this is relay by your stomach’s vocabulary. Sounds confusing? If you are, then allow this post to explain things to you.

The reason behind your answer to the mentioned question is because you often found yourself hungry but you do not react on it immediately. While this is very common to most people, especially those who are too busy with their works and careers, one should not Hungry People1ignore the tell tale signals that his stomach is telling him. Once you fail to act on the request of your stomach, this will make you see food related words clear and recognize them with much distinction.

Hungry people have the tendency to recall food related words clearer than the words that are classified as neutral. They are also good in identifying foods that are usually related with foods, because of the strong messages sent by their stomachs to their respective brains. Since it is the brain that controls most of our actions, behavior and decisions, everything that will be sent in this body part will be processed and be implemented afterwards.

It is very important for a person to make the right action whenever his stomach tells him to eat. However, there are some people who have no choice but to let their hunger pass since they either have no time to attend on it, or they have no cash to silent their hungry stomachs.

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