Alarming News: Weight Loss Surgery Could Cause Colorectal Cancer

Weight Loss SurgeryAccording to various reports, there is the link between the problems of obesity to the high risk of colon cancer or also known as rectal cancer. However, there are new reports that even suggest that those obese people who have undergone weight loss surgery face more risksin getting the mentioned serious illness.

One study that covered more than 77,000 obese patients or those people who are overweight have proven that those individuals who have tried weight loss operations are inclined to suffer from colon cancer. Swedish and English researchers both agreed with their discoveries that those people who have obesity surgery are facing high risk of getting inflicted by the serious illness.

Although the report shows that colorectal cancer risks to obese people who did not undergo any weight loss operation is only 26 percent when compared to the general population, experts are advising people not to be discouraged in going under the knife operation. According to various experts, the results of the report should not stop one person from taking weight loss surgery at all.

“The different findings that are shown and proven by various reports should not be used as guidelines of an obese person in making his final decision,” said Dr. Jesper Lagergren. According to said Dr. Jesper Lagergren, who is professor at both the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm and King’s College London, there are other factors that need to be considered besides the results of the mentioned reports.

According to a recent study, there are more than 10,000 people across the America that udergo weight loss surgery for each year. Together with his colleagues, Dr. Jesper Lagergren, point out that obesity has that link or tied to the elevated risk for various numbers of cancer cases such as colon, prostate and breast cancer. The result of the study that is done by the team of Dr. Jesper Lagergren was published in the Annals of Surgery.

The risk of getting inflicted by colon cancer by those obese people who decided to take weight loss surgery is still not Weight Loss Surgery 1determined as this present time. There are several studies such as the ones that are done by U.S. and by Sweden, wherein there is the obvious decline of chances of the obesity related cancer to those women who have undergone weight loss operations.

There is also a report wherein the risk of getting breast cancer or prostate cancer is not affected by any weight loss surgery. However, the risk of getting colorectal or colon cancer is vastly increased under the same situation.

The group of Dr. Jesper Lagergren has collected 29 years of the medical records of 77,000 patients in Sweden who are diagnosed to be suffering from obesity between the year of 1980 and 2009. The action that this group has taken aims to investigate their recent findings in the link of obesity surgery to the elevated risk of colorectal cancer.

Moreover, Dr. Jesper Lagergren could not dismiss the possibility of the residual or excess weight or the weight gain after taking a surgery is also involved in the colorectal and obesity risk.

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